March 2016

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Once you have started to feed the birds please DO NOT STOP as they will become reliant on your help. They may take time to become used to feeding in new locations but please be patient.

New additions to our range of bird seed

Johnson & Jeff

Superior Wild Bird Food with Fruit




Johnson & Jeff

Premium Wild Bird Food Husk Free with Suet



Johnson & Jeff


Wild Bird Food










We now stock Winston Wilds bird food products



No Waste Seed Mix 20Kg

Small birds love this high energy seed mix. Being husk free, means less mess and best of all, any uneaten seeds will not self seed and grow.

20kg £22.99


Premium Seed Mix 20Kg

A specially selected blend of the finest quality seeds and grains.Containing less wheat, this carefully blended mix will provide a complete balanced dietary supplement and is ideal for year round feeding




Deluxe Seed Mix 20Kg

An irresistible high energy blend of our premium and no wheat seed mixes, plus a generous helping of crushed peanuts, aniseed, sunflower hearts and a generous portion of dried mealworms


100 Fat Balls

Unique recipe, perfected through time, born from a careful blend of the finest seeds and nutritional cereals which are then combined with a flood of protein and calorie rich suet to create a truly irresistible English hedgerow banquet for a huge variety of wilds birds.

Suitable for all year round feeding, placed into a fat ball feeder, crumbled onto the ground or table.


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Type of mix



Winter Mix



A popular all-round blend of 15 ingredients including Black Sunflower, Millet, Peanuts and Red Dari.

City Blend



For all types of small birds, this diet includes Red and Yellow Millet, Small Sunflower Seed, Red Dari and more




Especially appealing for Finches this mix is probably the most popular of all the "Colonels" Wild Bird feeds. It contains an array of ingredients including: Hemp, Linseed, Black Sunflower Seed and Assorted Millet.

All Seasons

20kg  £23.85

Hi Energy mix is designed to be fed throughout the year. It contains a range of high quality ingredients including: Chopped Peanuts, Assorted Fruit and Sunflower Hearts.


20kg £21.85 'Husk-free' diet is ideal feeding for all year round but is particularly good for the Spring and Summer period when Adult Birds are looking to feed their young with assorted Fruit, Pinhead Oatmeal, Sunflower Hearts and many other ingredients found in this mix.


Black Sunflower Seed Seed





Sunflower Hearts








Peanuts in shell



Premium Pea Nuts



Niger Seed



Mealworms £11.99 1kg


Squirrels   Please report GREY squirrels


Hazel Nuts



per kg

Favourite red squirrel food, whole nuts.
Pine Nuts

1kg £4.99

2kg £9.99

For your red squirrels


We carry a wide range of wild bird care products from Gardman, Wildlife World, Tom Chambers and Chapelwood.

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Chapel Wood

finest 50 suet balls


Was £19.99 Now £9.99

Swan and Duck food

Cwp0298 Storage container

25ltr capacity £5.29





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