This Month - April 2016

We now stock Fairy Garden goods, Fairies, houses, toadstools and bridges etc.

Fairies £5.99 Houses from £23.99

Summer Flowering Bulbs in stock now.

Lots of reductions throughout the shop. Come in and find a bargain.

We now sell coal.

Smokeless Coal £4.99 10kg

Kindling £3.40 a bag or 4 for £10

Hardwood logs £5.00


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Additions to the Bird Pages have been added click here to go to Birds We also have beneficary insect houses frog, hedgehog, and squirrel nesting boxes.

Don't struggle with heavy compost...we will load you car for you.

Our range of plants is the best in the area according to our customers. Come and see what we have to offer

Our plants are sourced from the UK where ever possible.

We stock a large selection of pots and planters, many on special offer.

We sell squirrel food, feeders and nest boxes, "you'd be nuts not to buy them here"

It's a Gardeners Dream at Oakhurst Garden Centre. Our stock of shrubs, trees and plants is tree-mendous.


Email us for a full price list of bird food and squirrel hazel nuts etc.

Hedging Plants Available to Deter Thieves

List of Fruit Bushes

If you want it, we probably have got it. Email us and see if we have in stock that special tree or shrub or anything!!!

Mail us and see if we have what you are looking for!

Do you like container gardening? We have stacks of pots and planters for you to choose from come and look

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