2016 Red Squirrel Calendars now in stock.

£8 All Proceeds are for Allerdale Red Squirrel Group.


Oakhurst Garden Centre is actively working to save red squirrels with Allerdale Red Squirrel Group

If you would like to help please get in touch with Jo 077300182

Call 07817334309 to order or email via the link

Allerdale Red Squirrel Group.

Red squirrels are quite often seen running around the garden centre. Here is one of our residents. He or she is fed on the best hazel nuts supplied from us.


Have you got a pest in your garden? Contact: Cumbria Wildlife Management Cumbria Wildlife Management

Plant a tree to help a red squirrels

Our Squirrel Mix

Hazel, pine nuts, pea nuts with large striped sunflower seed. No cheap fillers.

£3.99 per Kg

Italian Hazelnuts

£5.99 per kg

Hazelnuts without shell

£7.50 per kg


Black Sunflower Seed

1.5kg £3.10

3kg £5.75

12.75kg £16.75

Pine Nuts

1kg £4.99

2kg £9.99


Have you spotted a Grey Squirrel?

You can buy these Grey Squirrel Traps.

Don't forget to report Grey Squirrel Sightings via the button at the top of this page!

Tom Chambers

Squirrel Snack Box




Wild on Wildlife Squirrel Feeder



Squirrel Feeder


Join the online support group on Facebook..."Red Squirrel Friends United" 380 friends and counting!!

To report grey squirrel use the link at the top of the page.

Oakhurst Garden Centre supports Allerdale Red Squirrel Group.

We sell cob nuts, sunflower seeds, pea nuts, pinenuts and red squirrel feeders to feed red squirrels.

Have you seen a grey squirrel in the Lake District.

Red Squirrels will die out if something is not done to help them NOW!

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